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We have a single purpose - to guide and assist you to make the changes to your system that yield the improvements you desire. At the same time we realize that with component interactions and individual preferences, a change that sounds great in one system may be less so in another. That is to say we realize that your requirements are unique. Therefore we've structured our access, products, and services to meet your individual needs.

The design of the best audio electronic systems begin with identifying the basic sound character of individual circuits. Various circuit topologies (e.g. Cascode, Cascade, Cathode Follower, SRPP,  Differential Amplifier, Mu-Follower, Anode Follower, etc.) all have a characteristic sound. That sound can be further influenced by the selection of operational bias points, loading impedances and other support schemes. Once optimized, the character of each circuit can be flavored by the choice of capacitors, resistors, grounding, interconnect, and most strongly, by the associated power supply. At CAE we have amassed many years of research and fully understand these factors and how they interact to influence the final result. All of our designs incorporate a collective of audibly superior topologies coupled with a choice of passives and power supply technology that truly recreates the musical event. However our preferences may not be your preferences and so we have committed ourselves to applying our knowledge and skills to your specific pursuit.

Since we understand the technology, its application and interactions, we can advise you both before and after your purchase on how to modify the variables (tube selection, capacitor choices, interconnects, etc.) to adapt to your unique circumstances. Like other suppliers, we have a portfolio of high quality audio products. Unlike other suppliers, we compliment those offerings with a direct consultation with you to understand your preferences and your system's strengths and weaknesses to help us both make the "alterations" that suit your needs. So, if you're unsatisfied with one or more characteristics of your system, call or write to us to discuss your situation and let us help identify possible options. In the end we may not make a sale but we’ll have gained more - your trust and respect. And in the long run, this investment will ensure our success.

To be most adaptable to your individual needs, we have designed three groups of products and have made them available in either blank board form, kit form, or fully assembled form.

The first group of products - our reference line - is designed to deliver the best available performance without consideration of cost. We carefully choose the optimum circuit topology for each amplifying stage and then carefully select the operating points, passives, and power supply to achieve a perfect balance of resolution, musicality, and imaging. However, in consultation with you we can tailor these variables to meet your specific preferences and appearances. Our CAE Reference line includes our highly acclaimed Daniel II Line Preamplifier, Sarah Phono Preamp, CD12V All tube Digital Processor, MQ-100 Mono-Block Power Amplifiers, and Daniel II Electronic Crossover. You may build it as specified or work with us to select the tube or passive voicing that meets your specific desires. And in the end you will be assured of the best performance available - period.

Our second group of products, our modification line, capitalizes on the outstanding transformers that can be found on vintage Dynaco power amplifiers. These transformers are audibly outstanding and serve as a solid foundation for a world class amplifier. For those wishing to capture the best possible sound for the least expense, this is the path to follow. Our design approach follows the strategy from our reference line taking into account the design parameters of the Dynaco transformers. The results are nearly the same - musical and definitive with subtle nuances fully captured in holographic third dimensional realism. As with our reference line, tube and passive substitutes can easily adapt the sound to meet you personal objectives. Installation is extremely easy - our modification modules drop into the existing Dynaco chassis (no cutting or drilling) and replace the original Dynaco amplification and power supply circuitry. Only the transformers and hardware remain - essentially a new power amplifier using the outstanding Dynaco "iron". 

Finally, the third group, our upgrade line, are available to simply upgrade existing Dynaco PAS preamps, Stereo-70 or Mark-3 Power amplifiers. These products also capitalize on the great value of used Dynaco equipment. Our Upgrade modules are "one to one" replacements for the original design that easily drop into place. Using simple and highly linear topology choices with a maximum performance focus, these (fully triode) modules are a dramatic improvement over the stock units. The wonderful midrange if the original sees a significant improvement in depth and dynamics and is extended to both ends of the spectrum. Cost is minimal and installation is easy: simply drop in, connect existing wires, and go. There is simply no easier path to entry level high quality tube electronics.

I must take a moment to speak to our most important "product" - our commitment to service and support. The worlds best audio designs are nearly worthless if you cannot count on your supplier to support you. You have our promise:  We will be there for you at every phase of your pursuit - from initial consultation thru changes and service if needed. These core values have guided us since our beginning in 1984 and have resulted in our well earned reputation for the highest quality, most advanced well engineered and musical technology, and unparalleled customer support. This is an extremely valuable heritage that we both value and strive to sustain.

I invite you to examine our site. It contains all of the information from our catalogue plus other useful information for DIY’ers and our customers. If you're looking for the most cost effective path to the best performance possible, take a few minutes to read our "Why Upgrade" paper. Also, take a few minutes to read "The Audibility of Power Supplies" where we explain why your power supply's performance is critical to the sound of your amplifier. We have also proudly posted  a few of our Customer's Comments who testify to our uncompromising customer service and support record. We have also created a Top 10 FAQ where hopefully we've placed the most common questions. Should you choose to honor us with your business, visit our Packaging Options page to select the package that is right for you.

Finally, I invite you to phone me or send e-mail to individually discuss your specific concerns. Hopefully, I can help you resolve your problem or at least bring you closer to the solution. As we grow to expand our product line, your comments, suggestions, and advice are appreciated to guide our future.

One more thing: We are in the process of significantly expanding our product offerings and service pages. Please stop by frequently and please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.