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All of products are available in three levels of assembly. The differences are in the degree of assembly we perform before delivery to you. Regardless of which package you choose, you can be assured that your completed project will deliver the identical performance. The three packages are:

Blank Printed Wiring Boards - The best value route ... we provide you with full instructions including a clear list of components, hardware, and associated sources. You source the parts and provide the labor. This is the choice for many of our customers who enjoy every aspect of a "DIY" project from sourcing to final assembly.

Assembled, Tested, & Certified Boards - The most convenient route ... we provide completely assembled, tested, and certified modules. You simply complete the final assembly combining our modules with an enclosure and hardware of your choice. This package is ideal for many of our customers who prefer to focus their energy on the final details to make their project unique and personal.

Completely Built, Wired, Tested, & Certified Components - The easiest path to high resolution audio. We provide your selected component ready to insert into your system and use. We can accept "special order" instructions to customize your component with personalized features.

All of our products are supplied with a complete set of documentation to insure that your project progresses smoothly. This includes:

  • a full set of CAD produced schematics,
  • parts lists with supplier part numbers,
  • a full size component placement diagram,
  • interconnection wiring diagrams,
  • installation, sequential initial start up, instructions,
  • plus clearly outlined troubleshooting instructions.

We also include other useful information such as our "Suggested Source of Supply" suppliers' list which identifies the names, addresses, and phone numbers of quality part and hardware suppliers for your project.

But, the most important is our support - complete and unlimited. You can be assured - if you need us we will always be there to help you.

CAE Printed Wiring Boards have been designed in accordance with instrumentation style non-interactive grounding techniques and are manufactured from the highest quality mil spec G-10 laminate with 2 oz. non-plated copper conductors. All board conductors are pure copper (conventional solder plating noticeably degrades audible performance) and coated with a special water soluble low dielectric material to enhance solderability and prevent oxidation.

Our tested board assemblies and fully completed products combine quality workmanship with those components and materials recognized for their audible superiority. Outgoing QC subjects each tested assembly to a full battery of electrical measurements plus a mandatory eight hour burn-in. Additionally, each product is auditioned over a two week period and again electrically tested prior to shipment. Our Quality Control screening guarantees performance, insures reliability and confirms sonic merit.

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