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If you have read our business philosophy you know that we do not view ourselves as components suppliers - neither structured or inventoried. However, over time there have been a few components have routinely been difficult for our customers to locate. In response we have created an inventory of these "hard to find" devices. You will find them listed in the last section of our pricesheet.
We know the frustration of having your project come to a standstill because of one or two parts which are out of stock or otherwise impossible to obtain. So, in addition to the supplying those components which have proven "hard to find" you may call us to back fill your parts list with those last few items. Since our inventory is structured to support our assembled module customers, we usually have what you need on hand. Please e-mail us with your list for pricing and delivery.
About half of you enjoy sourcing your own parts (our blank board package). But,  many of you have told us that the most difficult part is finding the semiconductors. So we have put together a package of all of the required the semiconductors for each project ("semi-pacs" if you will). Included are the rectifier & zener diodes, bipolar transistors, J-FET's,  MOS-FET's, op-amps, and IC's needed for the associated project. There are two types of semi-pacs: STANDARD and PREMIUM. They are the same except that the premium semi-pac substitutes our own proprietary op-amps (OPA series) when specified for the regulator circuits. The standard semi-pac includes bi-fet type National or Motorola devices. The part numbers and prices are listed with the associated project in our pricesheet.

Almost all of our projects utilize high speed servo regulators to support the audio circuitry. These regulators have been designed to be sonically inert - that is to have no sonic fingerprint but rather permit the audio circuit to function in an zero impedance wide bandwidth environment. A primary component in the performance of our regulators is the operational amplifier used. Our OPA-xR series of operational amplifiers are available to support that application.

Although firmly dedicated to tube audio, we had at one time offered several solid state based products. We thoroughly researched the op-amps for these projects until we found one with the attributes of tube amplification. That is with lots of ambiance, moderate warmth, and not a trace of hardness. As it turned out, they were from a limited production run - but we did purchase quite a large quantity. So we will offer them to you for use in your system. Our customers have been very pleased with them in CD player, crossover, and equalizer duty. They are listed in our pricesheet as the OPA-xA series. They are available in the standard single and dual pinout 8pin mini-dip configuration.

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