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  • Ultra Low Output Impedance Wide Bandwidth Design Dramatically Improves Imaging, Definition, and Dynamics of Any Tube Preamp
  • High Speed / Flat  & Low Impedance & Dynamically "Tuned" to Provide No Overshoot Response Thereby  Eliminating the "Hard" Sound Found in Most Regulators
  • Four Separate Regulators Provide Independent Regulation at Each Stage for Both Channels
  • Instrumentation Style STAR Grounding and Separate Reference Point Assures the Lowest Noise
  • Small Package Allows Easy Integration Into All Tube Preamps



The QPSA-7 is a High Voltage (> 100 Volts) Quad Servo Regulator system. Consisting of a floating (LM-317) pre-regulator and four independent OP-AMP servo regulators, a single QPSA-7 assembly can provide the complete and independent regulation to each stage of both line and phono sections of vacuum tube preamplifiers.

The QPSA-7 is the seventh generation of the PSA-1 regulator module we originally developed (and patented) nearly 20 years ago (used in the "Paoli" modification to the Audio Research SP-3 & 6 series of preamps). It provides to other products the same regulation performance found in our Reference products and those developed for Sonic Frontiers. The PSA-1 will dramatically improve all areas of the frequency spectrum with tighter bass, increased midrange transparency, and silky smooth highs. In addition, dynamics and imaging will be significantly enhanced. The QPSA-7 module represents the ultimate in sonically neutral high voltage regulator performance. Its small size and modest current requirements allow the user to easily update existing preamplifier power supplies and extract the pinnacle of performance from low level tube circuits.

The QPSA-7 is available in blank board, board kit (board & all parts), or assembled board. The assembled board will be delivered to the voltage output desired and will be tested and certified before shipment. For those purchasing the blank board set, we have available the QPSA-7 Semi-Pac that contains all of the semiconductors specified for the project. Standard and premium (high grade regulator op-amps) Semi-Pacs are available.


Blank PC Board Set : P/N PWB-QPSA-7 = $73

Semi-Pac Standard : P/N SEMI-Q7 = $38

Semi-Pac Premium : P/N PSEMI-Q7 = $60

Kit, PC Board & Components: P/N KIT-QPSA-7 = $182

Assembled PC Board : P/N ASM-QPSA7 = $217

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